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Win The Fight Against Cancer Naturally

IF YOU HAVE CANCER… Consider taking 3 to 6 grams a day of one of the most powerful products of NATURE on the market today!

Marine phytoplankton is our #1 recommended stand-alone alternative cancer treatment, and here's why…

There are NO NEGATIVE side effects what-so-ever from taking ocean water grown marine phytoplankton as a supplement. It is as safe as eating fruits and vegetables, and we are receiving many testimonials stating that it alone is putting cancer into remission! It is an easy to take dietary supplement that can be taken every day in pure powder form or in capsules…

We recommend taking ocean water grown plankton in multi-strain capsules, or in pure powder "ocean water grown Nannochloropsis Gaditana"


Rectal Cancer Recovery

Crystal was sent home from
the hospice after taking her
heart improved by taking

Ocean Grown Plankton
Bladder Cancer Recovery

John's bladder cancer came
back completely negative after
taking 6 capsules a day of

Ocean Grown Plankton
Dog Cancer Recovery

Sharlene's dog "Pennie" was
given a death sentence by the
vet, and has fully recovered with

Ocean Grown Plankton


Researchers have made a very promising discovery in the field of natural cancer treatment... "Marine Phytoplankton" has been found effective in treating several types of cancer. But only marine phytoplankton that has been grown in REAL ocean water, that has been then purified and sterilized, has proven beneficial for fighting cancer. Marine phytoplankton is one of the most powerful nutrition sources on the planet--rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fats and trace elements, all in microscopic size, making it bioavailable on a cellular level. Few known species of marine phytoplankton contain the super-nutrient coenzyme Q9, or CoQ9. Some nutritionalist now believe CoQ9 may be responsible for the amazing anti-cancer results people are experiencing.


Marine Phytoplankton is so powerful that many have seen complete cancer remission solely as a result of taking just 3 to 6 grams of marine phytoplankton per day.
For example,
Kelly Barrows'
testimonial was published in the Las Vegas Review Journal
Sharlene Fowzer's in the Washington Post. This is amazing because--as most authorities on natural cancer treatments will agree--it normally takes months, a complete lifestyle change and a strict healthy diet that includes high amounts of vitamins, minerals and herbs to achieve complete cancer remission. Based on our research and interviews of patients who have beat cancer using natural cancer treatments, marine phytoplankton (that has been grown in REAL purified ocean water), is our number one recommendation to start immediately for anyone fighting cancer! No negative side effects have reported with the use of this product of natural, nor have we found any reports of it interfering with any medications, making this the perfect health supplement to add to your daily diet.


Click here to view Marine Phytoplankton Cancer Recovery Testimonials

BUYER BEWARE! Only real ocean-grown marine phytoplankton provides these amazing results! It MUST be grown in pure sterilized ocean water! There are companies advertising words like“100% Pure”, “Real”, “Alive”, “Ocean” Marine Phytoplankton, but are growing their phytoplankton in artificial ocean water (made by simply adding salt and fertilizers.) This is a far cry from the mineral-rich saltwater found in the ocean and will only produce, at best, a synthetic form of marine phytoplankton. Synthetic marine phytoplankton is hazardous to you health (especially when fighting cancer) and therefore should be avoided at all costs!


Where To Buy Real Ocean Water Grown Marine Phytoplankton


Things to look for when shopping for Marine phytoplankton:

  1. Grown in pure sterilized ocean water.

  2. CoQ9 in Certificate of Analysis.

  3. Food and Safety Certificate from a reputable laboratory.

  4. Freeze-dried to preserve freshness and nutrients.

  5. The use of centrifuge technology, which is used to spin off the excess ocean water after the phytoplankton is grown. Otherwise excess ocean water dries on the phytoplankton raising the salt content to unhealthy levels! Do a simple taste-test and if your plankton tastes salty--something is wrong!

Click here to read more about Marine Phytoplankton

Next in the Spotlight

Vitamin B17 (also called Laetrile or Amygdalin)

Vitamin B-17 (Laetrile or Amygdalin) is our #2 choice stand-alone cancer treatment, because of countless testimonials all over the Internet reporting that it alone has put their cancer in remission…

Tumor Cancer Recovery

B17 wiped out FIVE tumors,
and I am now CANCER FREE!
Vitamin B-17

Tumor Cancer Recovery

Jason Vale Cancer recovers
Completely after using Laetrile
Vitamin B-17

Breast Cancer Recovery

In two months, she was
completely cancer free!
Vitamin B-17

It is important to note: vitamin B-17 works best when taken with PANCREATIC ENZYMES. For a complete detailed description on how B-17 and Pancreatic Enzymes work together, visit our page… Vitamin B17 Cancer Treatment.

Vitamin B-17 has been known to fight cancer for decades. Vitamin B-17 is found naturally in many fruit seeds, but most abundantly in apricot seeds. It is another remarkable product of NATURE that has helped many win the fight against cancer NATURALLY. But because apricot seeds have a natural form of cyanide in them, most people are afraid to eat them. For the record, we have not been able to find one single record related to death by eating apricot seeds. On the contrary, EVERYDAY there are approximately 2,200 deaths related to mistakes made by doctors, illnesses contracted while in the hospital and reactions to FDA-approved drugs. (Source: Death by Medicine, Gary M. Null, Ph.D., with Martin Feldman, M.D.; Debora Rasio, M.D.; and Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.) Although there are no known deaths from eating apricot seeds, the FDA still forbids health food stores from selling apricot seeds, while of course supporting many drugs known to cause tens of thousands of deaths every year. So let their record speak for themselves, and you do what YOU think is best! For further review and education on Vitamin B-17, please view additional videos on our B-17 Laetrile video link, or watch all six videos of "A World Without Cancer" here: A World Without Cancer - Part 1 to 6.

This is another reason why we recommend marine phytoplankton first and foremost, because there are no negative side effects or harmful risks from eating too much marine phytoplankton, yet there are many reports of COMPLETE cancer remission. It is one of the healthiest organic green foods you can find anywhere! In fact, even those that were undergoing chemotherapy have reported that marine phytoplankton is what kept them going strong through the treatment and/or brought them back to life after the treatment (see our Marine Phytoplankton Cancer Recovery Testimonial page). But though some have seen their cancer go into complete remission with the use of just marine phytoplankton or by just eating apricot seeds, most cancer sufferers will need to do a lot more than that to combat their cancer. And that is why this FREE informational website is set up the way it is, to provide you with MORE cancer fighting information in an orderly way. To fully combat cancer with natural alternatives and prevent it from coming back, there are many important things you will need to start doing and eating, and many things you will need to STOP doing and STOP eating. The most basic and successful information is found listed in the upper left hand menu.

Next on our left hand menu we have Cancer Recovery Testimonials categorized by cancer type so you can see, hear and read what others have experienced using Natural Cancer Treatments and Alternatives to Chemotherapy. This alone should convince you that YOU can win the fight against cancer NATURALLY. Yes, even Stage 4 cancer patients that were given only months to live are telling their stories--just for you!

On our left hand menu, we have also listed hundreds of Amazon natural
anti-cancer books, so you can educate yourself beyond what you will find on our website because knowledge is key to winning your fight against cancer by knowing what is right for YOU to do!

Start today by educating yourself with the information provided on our website and you will soon discover a whole new world of natural methods available to help you WIN your fight against cancer NATURALLY!

Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatment






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